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Adobe InDesign Interactive Digital Publishing by Ted Padova

Adobe InDesign Interactive Digital Publishing by Ted Padova

Author:Ted Padova
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Apress, Berkeley, CA

2. Press Ctrl/⌘+F to open the Find/Change dialog box. Since we’re going to type a GREP expression, click the GREP tab in the Find/Change dialog box.

3. Type the expression in the Find What text box. In this example, the following expression will find whitespace at the end of a paragraph and delete multiple carriage returns. It’s very simple and even the most insecure programmer can easily replicate this expression:


The expression is just four characters—a backslash, a lowercase s used for any whitespace, a + used for one or more instances, and the $ symbol used for the end of paragraph location.

If you forget some reserved characters, InDesign can help you out a little. You won’t find all reserved characters in the GREP pane, but there are many common definitions that you can choose by opening the @ menu.

Type just \s+ and leave the $ symbol out of the equation. Open the Find What menu by clicking the @ symbol and scrolling down to Locations. In the submenu, select End of Paragraph, as shown in Figure 6-50. The $ is added to the expression in the Find What text box.

Figure 6-50.Open the Find What menu by clicking the @ symbol and choosing End of Paragraph in the Locations submenu


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