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Anne Mather by Anne mather

Anne Mather by Anne mather

Author:Anne mather [mather, Anne]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 0101-01-01T00:00:00+00:00


LIGHT filtering through a crack in the curtains got Eve out of

bed. Dear God, she wondered, what time was it? It was usually

still dark when she woke up.

Fumbling for her watch, she stumbled across to the windows

and drew the curtain aside. Brilliant sunlight spilled into the

room and a glance at her watch showed her that it was almost

ten o'clock.

Ten o'clock! She was horrified. She'd overslept. Or rather, she

hadn't. Remembering that she hadn't fallen asleep until well into

the early hours, it was no wonder that she'd slept in.

Still, that didn't alter the fact that this was a working day—and,

bearing in mind that Falconbridge Primary was due to close, she

was hardly doing herself any favours by missing lessons. What

kind of a report was that to put in her reference?

Downstairs, after a swift shower, Eve told the startled

housekeeper that she wouldn't have time for breakfast.

Oh, but Mr Romero said to let you sleep on,' Mrs Blackwood

protested, and Eve felt an uneasy pang. What else had 'Mr

Romero' told her? she wondered. And, in God's name, how was

she supposed to face him after what had happened the night


'Where—where is Mr Romero?' she asked faintly, hoping she

wouldn't have to see him before she left for school. Maybe

almost twenty-four hours would be enough to blunt the memory

of what she'd done.

What she'd done?

'Er—don't you know?' Mrs Blackwood was speaking again,

and Eve tried to concentrate. 'I thought you must have said your

goodbyes last evening. He left—' she glanced at the kitchen

clock '—it must have been about half-past eight.'

'He left?' Eve was confused. 'What—you mean he's gone out?'

'He's gone back to London,' Mrs Blackwood informed her

regretfully. 'I said I didn't think he was well enough to drive all

that way, but he insisted he had to go. He must have had a call

or something. On his mobile phone, you know. Maybe it was

from Miss Cassie. Whatever— it was none of my business.'

'No.' Eve felt a sudden wave of depression sweep over her.

'Well, I'd better go and tell Ellie he's gone.'

'Oh, she knows,' said Mrs Blackwood airily. 'Mr Romero had a

word with her before he left.' She pulled a face. 'Madam didn't

approve, any more than I did, but what could she do? He was

determined to go.'

Eve's shoulders sagged. 'I see.'

'Are you all right?' The housekeeper was looking at her

anxiously now. 'You're very pale. Are you sure you're not

coming down with the same complaint Mr Romero had?'

'You mean flu?' Eve could hear the irony in her voice.

'No, I'm all right. Just tired, that's all.'

'Well, you look after yourself,' advised Mrs Blackwood

severely. 'And going without breakfast is a silly thing to do in

the circumstances.'

'I'll get a coffee at school,' Eve assured her, hoping she

wouldn't be too late for morning break. 'See you later.'

Despite the sunshine, it was still cold, and Eve walked briskly

down the drive. She could have used her grandmother's

Wolseley, but the old car was so cumbersome to handle that she

usually preferred to walk. Besides, her mind was busy with other

things, and she wouldn't have trusted herself behind the wheel of

such a lethal weapon.


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