Pehredaar Piya Ki
Dekha Ek Khwaab
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28 Kerrys and Jas walked away from the house, Kerrys scowling. Jerks. The biggest jerk of all was Manuel. ‘My brother’s such an arsehole,’ she grunted. Jas slipped her arm ...
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Smith’s first witness was Thomas Fitzgerald, who had been a mate aboard the wine-carrying Mary Anne. He testified that Bellamy and his men “all Armed with Mosquets, Pistols and Cutlasses” ...
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When the pups were old enough to travel, we returned to the palace. Lilibet hovered over my basket and cooed at us. Is she the One? Sugar asked. Yes, I ...
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All those people coming to America needed to find work. And it just so happened there was plenty of work to do, thanks to this little thing that started in ...
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8 THE NOBLE SANCTUARY In a rocky cave, eight hundred miles or so from Jerusalem, a man named Muhammad meditated. Muhammad was known as one of the most upright and ...
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TWELVE What Happened to Elizabeth Jennings? ELIZABETH JENNINGS WAS A HERO in the eyes of the black community as well as white supporters of equal rights for blacks, but there ...
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Chewie and R2-D2 worked frantically to install the door so they could keep the wampa from entering the base. Chewie turned the drill up to top speed and roared at ...
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SWISS DEAL CARL EIFLER STOOD ON THE BALCONY of the Office of Strategic Services office in the city of Algiers, Algeria. Loud honks and shouts rose from the hectic street ...
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19. Senior Year: We Gotta Get Out of This Place My senior year was the part of a roller-coaster ride when you slowly—agonizingly slowly—climb the lift hill, hearing each link ...
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Stonehenge probably was used in different ways at different times: for ceremonies of birth, life, and death; a place of healing; a feasting place; a graveyard; the center of sun ...
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“We’ll need lots of baking soda to help with the cleaning. Come on with me to the store,” she said. “No. No, Grandma, please, not on my birthday. I don’t ...
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9 SPARTANBURG, SOUTH CAROLINA The summer of 1917 was hot and muggy. The cramped Harlem tenements were nearly unbearable at nights, and many Harlem residents slept on rooftops and fire ...
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Paul made a copper engraving of the scene to spread the news of what happened. (Again, he made a copy of someone else’s drawing.) Hundreds of people in Boston bought ...
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Spy Training Fingerprint Kit Identifying an enemy spy is often the way to keep yourself and your country safe. One way to identify people is through their fingerprints. Every person ...
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