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Pilou Asbæk
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Dritter Auftritt LEONORE. Wie jammert mich das edle schöne Herz! Welch traurig Los das ihrer Hoheit fällt! Ach sie verliert – und denkst du zu gewinnen? Ist's denn so nötig, ...
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2 INTELLECTUALS AS NATURAL LUDDITES The reasons for the existence of the two cultures are many, deep, and complex, some rooted in social histories, some in personal histories, and some ...
epub |eng | 2015-09-28 | Author:S.E Foster [Foster, S.E]

CHAPTER FOURTEEN Damien “Come for me Faith,” with my words she explodes around me as I thrust again, pushing myself over the edge to join her, feeling my release hit ...
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Paimio lounge chair (Alvar and Aino Aalto) Most of the Paimio furniture made its way into production. The two lounge chairs, the waiting room armchair, and the reading room chair ...
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epub |eng | 1895-01-01 | Author:Daniel Defoe [Defoe, Daniel]

I have given an Account already of what I found to ha’ been the Case down the River among the Sea-faring Men, how the Ships lay in the Offing, as ...
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