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Military Science
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To these points - in effect, the September Programme without annexations from France and Belgium - should be added the detailed plans subsequently drawn up to ‘thrust [Russia] back as ...
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CHAPTER 4 tactical Dispositions 形篇第四 1 形 is a very comprehensive and somewhat vague term. Literally, "from," "body," it comes to mean "appearance," "attitude" or "disposition;" and here it is ...
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More Than a Game To find out how VBS2 training works in practice, I paid a visit to Fort Campbell, Kentucky, home of the 101st Airborne Division Screaming Eagles—and, since ...
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It is, however, towards China, not India, that the Mongols first set their course, since they were borderers of that empire. From the time of the earliest unification under the ...
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One might think that Governor Blanco—long since voted out of office—would be the hero and harbinger of what a model National Guard for the twenty-first century might look like, what ...
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CHAPTER FOUR Outsiders GREEN CARD SOLDIERS The only for sure way of gaining citizenship through military service in the United States armed services is to die. Marco Amador, filmmaker, 20101 ...
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The most difficult thing to explain is why the Legion waited until Navarin Farm to employ this particular tactic, as according to Seeger this had been practiced in training as ...
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Map 5. Eastern Front, General Situation, Late September 1941 Despite constant references in this period to the threat posed by partisans and the emphatic order that the men should always ...
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11: THE OLD MAN’S RETURN “You remember the first rule of retirement, George? No moonlighting, no fooling with loose ends. No private enterprise, ever.” —John le Carré, Smiley’s People General ...
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In view of the strong antiabolitionist feelings throughout the country, the Democrats tried to tar the Republicans with abolitionism, and this made Lincoln and his party defensive on the slave ...
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The residual ‘cake’ is also edible, and is best rolled into biscuits and fried. Olives can be wrapped in a clean cloth and left out in the sun. The oil ...
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UNKNOWN WARRIOR 10 A postern gate was located on the eastern side of the citadel at Basing House in Hampshire. As we have seen, this building, held by the Royalists, ...
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Weather. Prevailing weather in the landing area should be favorable. In particular, there must be a determination of wind direction and velocity, and of conditions restricting visibility such as ground ...
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b. Material and Equipment. Paraffin wax, beeswax, or wax obtained by melting candles. Sawdust. Source of heat (stove, hot plate). Pot. Spoon or stick for stirring. c. Preparation. Put enough ...
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