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Add salt and pepper, mace, chives, Tabasco, and thyme. Gradually stir in milk and bring to a boil. Remove chowder from heat and gradually add egg yolks, sherry, and sour ...
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At 0.5 mile you reach the canyon rim. From here you have an excellent overview of the surrounding landscape: the forested rise of the Jemez Mountains to the northwest, the ...
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Events like those that took place in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina reveal just how unprepared our population is when disaster strikes. (sandoclr, courtesy of iStock) That may sound paranoid, ...
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Figure 2-4: Bamboo spear. Arrow Points. To make an arrow point, use the same procedures for making a stone knife blade. Chert, flint, and shell-type stones are best for arrow ...
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81.6 QUARTZ VEIN WASH JUST EAST OF POWDER DUMP WASH This is a sandy 4WD road negotiable for about 0.4 mile. This wash, like the Narrows Earth Trail behind and ...
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ONCE WE ARE used to seeing the landscape as a series of habitats, we can begin to ask and answer more interesting questions. And we will find a large number ...
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Grulf attracted attention early on. Oden did not have a working engine and there was a large hole in her bottom. So Grulf fixed the hole as quickly as he ...
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Shape and Size The most efficient sleeping bag is the one that traps warm air closest to your body. A bag with lots of room is a bag with lots ...
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- CHAPTER 4 - CHINESE THROWING IMPLEMENTS The Chinese martial arts are well known for empty hand fighting systems as well as for weapons fighting systems. A wide variety of ...
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Ash cooking was probably the first method known to humans. The residue is easily blown off once the food is cooked. (Photo: Richard Jamison) Finally, sprinkle on a little water ...
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Where and When to Gather Mallow loves disturbed ground, roadsides, and waste areas, so gather this plant wisely, avoiding areas prone to toxic accumulations. You probably have some in your ...
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Making a net ▪NOOSE STICK These are handy little things. They are really more suited for traps and snares (covered above in the Food chapter), but what I have in ...
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Make a timber hitch around one end of the rock or weight and tighten. Carry the line along the weight and make a half-hitch. MARLIN SPIKE HITCH This is an ...
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Chapter 7 Survival Food Preservation Quick, why do commercial potato farmers often leave the equivalent of fifty 100-pound bags of potatoes per acre lying in the field to waste? Fully ...
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