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epub |eng | | Author:Bernard Cornwell

They went north in the moon-​drenched night. They slant­ed west­wards to where they could see hills and trees, the cov­er sought by all in­fantry­men in trou­ble. They walked fast, push­ing ...
( Category: Military June 8,2017 )
epub |eng | | Author:Bernard Cornwell

CHAPTER 11 Lieu­tenant of Marines Fytch, to whom Sharpe had hard­ly spo­ken since they had marched in­land, brought the civil­ians to Ma­jor Sharpe. The Lieu­tenant herd­ed them at pis­tol-​point un­til ...
( Category: Military June 8,2017 )
epub |eng | 1998-01-01 | Author:David Baldacci [Baldacci, David]

CHAPTER TWENTY-NINE Thomas Donovan scanned the city streets for a parking spot. Georgetown was not known for its abundance of places to leave one's vehicle. He was driving a new ...
( Category: Crime June 8,2017 )
epub, mobi |eng | 1992-03-14 | Author:Anne Tyler [Tyler, Anne]

"The same?" "Does he still look like he used to?" "Why, yes." Fiona gave a sharp sigh. There was a moment of quiet, during which Leroy said, "Durn! Missed." A ...
( Category: Test Preparation June 8,2017 )
epub |eng | 2011-03-10 | Author:Anna Jean Mayhew

Mary picked the onions off her hot dog, a look on her face that said for me not to notice. She took a bite and I remembered her indigestion. As ...
( Category: Family Life June 8,2017 )
epub |eng | 2004-06-07 | Author:Kevin B. Marvel, Ph.D. [Ph.D., Kevin B. Marvel]

COMETS Comets are the dancers of the solar system. Halley’s comet, last visible from Earth in 1986, is probably the most famous, and many readers may remember seeing comet Hyakutake ...
( Category: Astronomy June 8,2017 )
epub |eng | | Author:Bernard Cornwell

CHAPTER 7 Sharpe walked Jens away from the car­nage. Once be­yond the ditch and out of sight of the two red­coat bat­tal­ions Sharpe point­ed back to­ward the city. “Get in­to ...
( Category: Military June 8,2017 )
epub |eng | 2010-11-20 | Author:Treadwell, Harriette Taylor [Treadwell, Harriette Taylor]

"Stop, pancake," said the hen. "Do not go so fast. I want to eat you." The pancake said, "I did not stop for the old woman, I did not stop ...
( Category: Beginner Readers June 8,2017 )
epub |eng | 2010-06-14 | Author:Osborne, Mary Pope [Osborne, Mary Pope]

( Category: Chapter Books June 8,2017 )
epub |eng | 2010-03-23 | Author:J A Jance [Jance, J A]

Chapter 13 It was only as we rounded the corner of Lenora onto Third that I remembered Anne was in my apartment. My mind had switched tracks completely, and now ...
( Category: Serial Killers June 8,2017 )
epub |eng | 2003-04-01 | Author:Anne McCaffrey [McCaffrey, Anne]

"I must be away now, Piemur. You're to rest, without getting into any mischief." "Rest? I've been resting—" "Bored? Well, I'll ask Rokayas to give you drum mea sures to ...
( Category: Epic Fantasy June 8,2017 )
epub | | 2004-03-10 | Author:Jasper Fforde [Fforde, Jasper]

I READ MYSELF INTO Shadow’s featured town halfway down page 231. Johnny, the farmer’s boy who was Shadow’s owner and coprotagonist, would be having Shadow’s eyes checked in a few ...
( Category: Mystery June 8,2017 )
epub |eng | 1994-06-05 | Author:Bernard Cornwell

Sharpe looked out of the courtyard into the bright street. Another mule stood patiently in the late afternoon sunlight. "What's that?" "A mule, sir." The Lieutenant smiled brightly. He saw ...
( Category: Military June 8,2017 )
epub |eng | 2006-09-14 | Author:J.K. Rowling [J.K. Rowling]

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Chapter 17: A Sluggish Memory Late in the af­ter­noon, a few days af­ter New Year, Har­ry, Ron, and Gin­ny lined up be­side the kitchen ...
( Category: Photography & Video June 8,2017 )
epub | | 2010-06-07 | Author:David Mitchell

XIX The House of Sisters, Mount Shiranui Shrine Sunrise on the Ninth Day of the Twelfth Month Sweeping the Cloisters is a vexing chore this afternoon: no sooner is a ...
( Category: Historical June 8,2017 )