Events Management by unknow

Events Management by unknow

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9.3.1 The impact of sporting events

Considerable emphasis is now placed on sporting events’ impact and legacy. These topics will be covered in more detail in Chapter 14, but their importance in the sporting events industry merits further attention here. Sport England, a key governing body for the development of sports in England, has produced several reports which consider the impact of sporting events on the wider community. The social impact of sporting events

There are a number of ways in which a sporting event can impact on a local community, either positively or negatively. The key negative impact is inconvenience for local residents (Small 2007), with specific problems including increased traffic congestion, extra people in the area during the event and the possibility of crowd disorder or even hooliganism. These have been issues for decades, but recently more individuals and communities have started to argue that the benefits of hosting sporting events outweigh the negative aspects. The following example illustrates this change in attitude.

Table 9.1 Typology of sporting events


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