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Her Guilty Secret by Anne Mather

Her Guilty Secret by Anne Mather

Author:Anne Mather [Mather, Anne]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 0101-01-01T00:00:00+00:00


WYVERNHALLwas an impressive sight. Its crenellated facade was more Victorian than

Georgian, despite the fact that Alex had told her that parts of it dated back to the early nineteenth century. Nevertheless, Kate thought it was ugly, though that might have been because she was so

apprehensive at being there.

She hadn’t wanted to come. When he’d first made his request, she’d sought desperately for some

means to avoid accompanying him to his father-in-law’s house. Even though she knew that a

good investigator would welcome any chance to learn more about her subject, she was reluctant.

She was always afraid that someone might recognise her, for one thing, and for another, did she

really want to get to know his daughter?

But her prime reason for wanting to refuse was a more personal one. She was already far too

involved with Alex Kellerman, and getting caught up in his private affairs was the very last thing she should be doing. She was supposed to be impartial, unbiased, not taking sides with him

against a possibly innocent man. Conrad Wyatt only wanted to do what was right by his dead

daughter. In his position, would she have behaved any differently?

‘Pam’s father wanted me to change my name to Wyatt,’ Alex commented now as they reached

the gravelled forecourt, and Kate acknowledged that all the misgivings in the world weren’t going to do her any good. She was here; she’d agreed to do this favour; she was committed. She had to

make the best of it for Rachel’s sake, if nothing else.

‘And you didn’t want to do it,’ she murmured now, and he gave her a sidelong look.

‘No,’ he said flatly. ‘I prefer to bear my own name. But it wouldn’t surprise me to learn that

Conrad’s trying to change Rachel’s name to Wyatt, too.’

He was very bitter, thought Kate as he brought the Range Rover to a halt before the impressive

entrance. But perhaps he had good reason. How would she have felt if Sean’s parents had tried to

take Joanne away from her? It hadn’t happened, of course. Sean had never known his father, and

his mother had died when he was just a teenager. Which perhaps explained why Kate’s husband

had had so little respect for his own marriage.

Kate wondered if Alex would expect her to stay in the car while he went and collected his

daughter, but after pushing open his own door and getting out he came round the bonnet to open

hers. He’d put on a long dark overcoat over his jacket, and she couldn’t help noticing how well it suited him. But he’d left it unfastened so that when she passed him she smelt the clean male scent of his skin.

‘Ready?’ he asked, and she bit her lips to stop them from trembling.

‘As I’ll ever be,’ she conceded, with more confidence in her words than in her voice.

‘Good,’ he said, and to her dismay he put a possessive hand beneath her elbow. ‘Come on. You

can take your cue from me.’

Which meant what? Kate looked up at him, aghast, but his attention was already concentrated on

the house.


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