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Nancy Reagan: The Unauthorized Biography by Kelley Kitty

Nancy Reagan: The Unauthorized Biography by Kelley Kitty

Author:Kelley, Kitty [Kelley, Kitty]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Published: 2011-10-18T00:00:00+00:00

… I’m so pleased that our First Lady’s Nancy,

Also pleased that I’m sort of a chum,

Bet the eight years all will be fancy,

As fancy as they come. …

Nancy, Nancy, Nancy with the Reagan face.

By the last verse, Nancy’s eyes were brimming, and when Sinatra finished, she blew him a loving kiss.

The next day at noon, Ronald Wilson Reagan was sworn in as the fortieth President of the United States. At sixty-nine, he was the oldest man ever to be inaugurated. He had specified that semiformal attire would be the appropriate dress for the occasion, so most men on the podium appeared in gray stroller jackets or club coats rather than morning coats. They did not wear the customary plain or pleated-front white shirts with studs, dove gray vests, striped gray trousers, striped gray four-in-hand ties, black socks, and black oxford shoes. Dark gray suits had been recommended for women, and Nancy, sensitive to criticisms of opulence, had ruled out fur coats on the podium.

The Reagans’ family and friends sat with them overlooking the West Front of the Capitol, the first time in history that a President took the oath of office facing the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial. Joining them were Ron and Doria Reagan; Patti Davis; Michael Reagan, his wife, Colleen, and their son, Cameron; Maureen Reagan and her fianceé Dennis Reveil; Ronald’s brother, Neil, and his wife, Bess; Nancy’s parents, Dr. and Mrs. Loyal Davis; her stepbrother, Dr. Richard Davis, his wife, Patricia, and their children, Anne and Geoffrey; the Reagans’ housekeeper, Ann Allman; their decorator, Ted Graber; their driver from Sacramento, Barney Barnett; Michael Deaver; and Nancy Reynolds. The only Reagan intimate left out was Frank Sinatra, but moments before the President-elect appeared, he barged up the steps to take his place on the platform.

“Sinatra had not been invited to stand on the steps with the President and First Lady, but he bulldozed his way in anyway and took someone else’s place,” said a White House photographer. “He didn’t have an authorized ticket, but he balled through, ramming past the Secret Service and the capital police. No one had the nerve to stop him. No one!”

The highlight of the day came after the inauguration ceremony. As the new President was eating lunch with congressional leaders, he received the news that everyone had been waiting for: the 52 hostages held in Iran for 444 days had been released. Former President Carter received the news while on his way to Andrews Air Force Base, Maryland, for the flight back to Georgia. When he heard it on the phone in his car, he turned to Walter Mondale and the two men wept.

That evening, in her free $25,000 Galanos gown and a pair of $480,000 diamond earrings “on loan” from Harry Winston, Nancy Reagan set off with her husband to dance at their ten inaugural balls.

“She insisted we get them to every one and then to the Kennedy Center so they could dance with all the Californians and still be


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