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Overlord, Vol. 4: The Lizardman Heroes by Kugane Maruyama & so-bin

Overlord, Vol. 4: The Lizardman Heroes by Kugane Maruyama & so-bin

Author:Kugane Maruyama & so-bin
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Yen On
Published: 2017-05-23T04:00:00+00:00

The lizardmen who had pressed forward now ran home, scattering like baby spiders.

Zaryusu watched calmly. No, he’d been paying attention ever since the immensely powerful enemy had appeared, the undead that sowed fiery death. Its movements were different from the unintelligent enemies they’d faced so far. This was probably the commander.

When it had reached an estimated hundred yards from the lizardmen, it intercepted them with fireball area-of-effect attacks, and the head warriors who had attempted a five-pronged charge were all burned to death on their way.

“It looks like we’re up.”

Zaryusu nodded at Zenbel, and Crusch also indicated her agreement. Now they might be the ones to die, but they had to throw themselves into the fray.

“Yeah, no doubt about it, this is where we come in. That kind of power… There’s a very good chance this is the Great One’s right-hand man, the commander of this army. Even if it’s not, it must be their trump card.”

“Yeah. There’s no way they’d be able to control multiple undead of that strength. But how should we approach it? It’s too far away.”

Zaryusu racked his brain to answer Crusch’s question. They weren’t fighting to die, so they needed a plan. Zaryusu and Zenbel couldn’t fight at a distance. They had to make it a close-quarters fight. The problem was that hundred yards.

Certainly they were capable of withstanding a fireball or two. But it would be more than one or two by the time they reached the enemy, and the fight would begin in earnest only once they did. It wasn’t hard to see that if they faced that inferno head-on in their advance, they’d be overpowered in the end.

“That distance is a real bummer.”

“Yeah…it sure is. I never would have thought a hundred yards could feel so far…”

They discussed how to reach the undead without any injuries, or at least without too many.

“What if we swam under the water?”

“Even with priest powers…it’d be pretty hard. If we could use Invisibility…”

They could close the gap all at once if they could go invisible and use Fly, but druids weren’t able to acquire those spells.

“Then how about making shields and holding those in front of us while we get closer?”

“It will take too long to make shields.”

“We could just break some houses, no?” Zenbel smiled wryly, knowing even as he suggested it that his idea was no good. These magical attacks resulted in blistering explosions. Even if they blocked one direction, the heat would find its way around. They didn’t have time to build shields that would cover their entire bodies.

“Oh, hmm… That…we could do…”

“What, Zaryusu?” Crusch asked timidly, recoiling slightly.

Zaryusu wondered if she had seen the ruthlessness of his plan on his face, but he couldn’t help it. His idea was one he wished he could reject.

“No, I just…found a shield.”


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