The Musketeer's Seamstress by Sarah d'Almeida

The Musketeer's Seamstress by Sarah d'Almeida

Author:Sarah d'Almeida [d'Almeida, Sarah]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Historical Fiction, Fiction, General, Mystery & Detective, Mystery Fiction, Historical, France, Swordsmen, France - History - Louis XIII; 1610-1643, Murder - Investigation - France
ISBN: 9780425214893
Publisher: Berkley
Published: 2007-04-02T22:00:00+00:00

He imagined her naked, cloaked only in her luminous dark hair and he was sure an “oh” escaped his lips. At least the Dominican brother gave him a most venomous look.

But then she raised her eyes and looked directly at Aramis. Her eyes were large and the normal way to describe them would be to say they were light brown. To Aramis, though, they weren’t so much light brown as distilled sunlight, collected, amassed in amber and shining forth with the luminosity of a thousand childhood afternoons.


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