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The Rising of the Shield Hero Volume 10 by Aneko Yusagi

The Rising of the Shield Hero Volume 10 by Aneko Yusagi

Author:Aneko Yusagi [Yusagi, Aneko]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: One Peace Books
Published: 2018-01-29T05:00:00+00:00

Chapter Twelve: The Department Store

Each hour, I transported another batch of the enslaved slave hunters to the slave trader’s place in Zeltoble, and by the time I finished it was around noon the following day. I’d taken a nap or two, but it had been light sleep, so I didn’t feel like I had slept at all.

“I will get in touch with my relative in Siltvelt. Yes sir!”

I’d taken the slave trader back with the first batch of slave hunters and he’d contacted his relative in Siltvelt right away.

“I’ve been told that the reaction is favorable. Yes sir. Reservations from local nobility for the slaves being offered by the Shield Hero have flooded in, and apparently they are already holding an advance auction.”

“Ohhh . . .”

“In which case, we can pay you for the slaves before the trading is actually completed.”

A money order, in other words. Then again, we had the technology to send and receive communications, so I guess it wasn’t quite the same.

“This went so well that I almost want to pat myself on the back.”

“The slaves you’ve provided should be transported to Siltvelt by some time tonight. Yes sir.”

It felt like throwing meat at a bunch of drooling wild dogs that hadn’t eaten for days. I knew Melromarc was full of trash, but apparently Siltvelt was just as shady. Then again, I’m not sure what that made me since I was taking advantage of that shadiness.

Raphtalia seemed a bit disappointed. She was sighing while I was talking with the slave trader, but the slave hunters were getting a fitting punishment. And I had even secretly cleared it with the queen. Melty had showed up that morning, appalled by the fact that the queen had given the plan her unofficial blessing. Apparently she was using it as a bargaining chip for negotiations, since traitors of Melromarc were being sent to Siltvelt, which of course made Siltvelt happy.

We returned to the slave trader’s underground slave market and went over everything one more time.

“In any case, it looks like we have enough money now to bet in the coliseum.”

It was time to get together with Raphtalia, Filo, Rishia, and Raph-chan and think about how to proceed, just like we had done yesterday.

“Despite how we got it . . . I guess you’re right.”

“If we want to really hit it big in one go, then we have to be prepared to accept the risks. We need to make sure we understand the rules and other details of the coliseum that we’ll be fighting in, too, right?”

If we were going to compete in the most dangerous of the coliseums, where the outcome was literally a matter of life or death, the consequences of leaving anything to chance were just too great. And there was no way I could compete on my own and expect to win. I was the Shield Hero, after all. All I could do was defend.

I’d approached the old Hengen Muso lady about participating, too, by the way. But she had built a reputation for herself in the coliseums before and had been banned from competing.


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