The Wind in His Heart by Charles de Lint

The Wind in His Heart by Charles de Lint

Author:Charles de Lint
Language: eng
Format: epub
ISBN: 9780920623763
Publisher: Triskell Press



There was no way around it. The chief was pissed and Jerry didn’t blame him. Everything that could have gone wrong with this situation had, leaving Jerry feeling like an idiot. He might as well be standing with his pants around his ankles for all the competence he’d shown. The worst of it was Aggie being knifed right in the station by the “victim” of a bogus kidnapping, who then stole one of their own trucks from the parking lot out front to make her escape.

“Are you telling me this kid hot-wired one of our pickups?” the chief had demanded.

Jerry’d had to admit that the keys had been in the ignition.

“Who leaves their goddamn keys in the goddamn ignition?” the chief had yelled.

We all do, Jerry’d thought, the chief included, but he hadn’t said that. He knew what had made his boss so angry. It wasn’t just the sloppy mistakes, but how they couldn’t be hidden from the sheriff’s department, the FBI and Indian Affairs. They made the whole force look bad. And the chief would have to take the heat for it.

Jerry knew he should have listened to his gut. He never should’ve tried to hold Steve and Reuben. He should have put the girl’s lying ass in a cell as soon as he got her to the station, locked the door and thrown away the key. But that was easy to say after the fact. At the time, Sadie Higgins had seemed to need his protection. She’d been so damned convincing that he’d swallowed every bit of her bullshit.

All he could do now was try to salvage what he could as quickly as possible, even if that meant driving every damn road in the county.

His radio crackled and Ralph’s voice came on.

“We’ve got tire tracks running off into a wash just a few miles west of the station, on Calle Esmeralda. Bob says his people are pretty sure she never made it to Santo VV, or at least the truck hasn’t been spotted anywhere in the city, so she must’ve gone off-road here.”

“You’re there now?” Jerry asked.

“Standing right here looking at the tracks—same tread as on all our trucks. You want me to wait for you?”

“No, go ahead. I’m ten minutes away on Redondo. But be careful, Ralph. This kid’s as wily as a coyote.”

“Copy that.”

Jerry flicked on his lights and siren, pulled a U-turn, and headed back in the direction of the city.


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