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Atlantis and the Coming Ice Age: The Lost Civilization--A Mirror of Our World by Frank Joseph

Atlantis and the Coming Ice Age: The Lost Civilization--A Mirror of Our World by Frank Joseph

Author:Frank Joseph [Joseph, Frank]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Spirituality/Ancient Mysteries
ISBN: 9781591437833
Publisher: Inner Traditions/Bear & Company
Published: 2015-03-16T00:00:00+00:00


Lost Motherland, Drowned Fatherland

No two peoples could have been more different from each other than those who dominated the Pacific and the Atlantic oceans. It is fitting that the Lemurians resided in the Pacific, in view of Lemuria’s gentler society. The Atlanteans were politically extroverted and militaristic; the Lemurians, introverted and pacifistic. Even though the two seaborne civilizations were separated by thousands of miles, their inhabitants were far from unaware of each other. On the contrary, limited contacts had always taken place.

Cayce offers abundant examples of Atlanto-Lemurian relations, all of them cordial, some of them intimate, which more often occurred when Lemurians and Atlanteans happened to meet in overseas lands they both visited, especially Yucatán. He spoke of a time “when the people had come from Lemuria” to Atlantis “for the indwelling of the various activities.”1

The Lemurians were uninhibited sexual activists whose family ties were loose and not clearly defined—shocking behavior to the devout Edgar Cayce, who shook his head at their perceived immorality. He condemned a “very much perverted activity by those from Mu.”2 Such freewheeling attitudes were part of the legacy passed down to their mixed descendants, the Polynesians, whose sexual behavior was likewise branded “licentious” by Christian missionaries. Freed from the necessity of working to survive because of the superabundance of food and the very hot climate in their homeland, where anything more than seminudity was less than practical, the Mu (as they are still remembered by the Hawaiians and Tibetans) developed a sensible, guiltless sexuality that was regarded merely as an aspect of physical life.

It was in the spiritual arts, however, that the Mu most excelled, even surpassing the skilled adepts of Atlantis, according to Cayce. The Atlanteans achieved “the highest or the greatest advancement in the earthly sojourning of individual entities or souls at that particular period—or the highest that had been save that which had been a part of the Lemurian Age.”3 The soul practitioners of first Mu and then Atlantis engaged in mass-meditation sessions involving hundreds, thousands, and occasionally millions of participants.

The psychic power generated from these single-minded assemblies went beyond anything experienced before or since. Levitation of otherwise immovable objects, psychokinesis, communal telepathy, remote viewing, metaphysical healing, the shifting of space and time, prophecy, interspecies communication, interdimensional travel—the whole gamut of known psychic phenomena and far more than presently guessed were supposedly developed by the Lemurians and later refined by the Atlanteans. Cayce told a client in 1935 that he once dwelled “in Atlantis during a higher state of civilization, teacher of psychological thought and study, especially that of transmission of thought through ether.”4

Mass mental telepathy took place in “a great congress” shortly before the final destruction of Atlantis: “In the period when this became necessary, there was the consciousness raised in the minds of the groups, in various portions of the Earth, much in the manner as would be illustrated by an all-world broadcast in the present day of a menace in any one particular point, or in many particular points.


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