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Conquer Your Love by Reed J. C

Conquer Your Love by Reed J. C

Author:Reed, J. C. [Reed, J. C.]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Romance, Contemporary, Adult
ISBN: 9781490332741
Published: 2013-06-05T14:00:00+00:00


Later, I lay in his arms, gathering my breath, my hands trailing up and down his sculpted torso, marveling at the smoothness of his skin and the hardness of his muscles. He was perfect.

“I hope I’m the reason behind your smile,” Jett said, stroking my cheek. His statement caught me off guard. I hadn’t even realized I was smiling.

“Mmh.” I placed a soft kiss on his chin and regarded him lovingly.

Do people not smile after sex? Was it just hormones or something else?

Less than three days ago, I had been unhappy. Actually being unhappy was an understatement. I felt betrayed, lost, deeply hurt, and heartbroken. How strange he had been the reason why I tumbled into my second lowest point in life, and yet all it took to pull me out of it was for him to re-enter the picture. His words and actions had both killed my hope and rekindled it. He had destroyed and shattered my love only to conquer it again. If he hadn’t persisted in trying to reach out to me, I would never have known he didn’t hurt me on purpose and we wouldn’t be where we were today—in each other’s arms.

“I love it when you smile,” he whispered. “But I love it even more when I see your smile and know I was the one who caused it.”

“Having sex three times in less than twenty four hours would make anyone happy,” I replied.

“It’s all thanks to you, Ms. Stewart.”

“Me?” I cocked a brow. He pretty much instigated all of them. “What about you? You were the one to initiate them.”

“I followed your thoughts’ command. Besides, I’m just human. I can’t help myself when you’re around me. You can’t blame a man for being weak at a vixen’s feet.”

The way his eyes glimmered with mischief I wanted to do him again, even though my body screamed ‘no more.’

“I didn’t do anything,” I pointed out.

“Exactly. You didn’t do anything.” Jett’s gaze bore into me, touching my soul. “I’m not perfect. God knows I have many weaknesses, but my biggest one happens to be you, Brooke.”

His words made my smile widen. He was piling on the compliments. Coming from any other man, they would’ve hit on nothing but a brick wall. But coming from Jett, I wanted to hear more, absorb each word, and cherish it forever. If there was one person in the world whose words were special, it was Jett.


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