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Doom of the Dragon by Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman

Doom of the Dragon by Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman

Author:Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman [Weis, Margaret & Hickman, Tracy]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Novela, Fantástico
Publisher: ePubLibre
Published: 2016-01-05T05:00:00+00:00



The Venejekar and the small dragonship fleet sailed north along the Spirit Coast until they came to an enormous promontory jutting up out of the sea, which Dela Eden said was named Gray Beak, because it was shaped like the beak of an eagle. She told them to stop.

“You cannot see it, but through those trees is the mouth of the river that leads west to Tsa Terestra, the Kingdom Below,” said Dela Eden. “The stormhold is on the peak above. It guards the mouth of the river and serves as a gate to Tsa Kerestra, the Kingdom Above.”

Skylan had hoped to see the stormhold, but Gray Beak towered over them, dwarfing the dragonships, and he couldn’t see anything. He gave the wizards grudging approval for having chosen an ideal location for their outpost. Anyone standing on that high bluff would be able to see clear to the horizon and have ample warning of the approach of an enemy.

The dragonships glided past the deep and wide river with densely forested banks. The river was named Abundance, for it flooded every spring, providing rich, fertile soil for the crops. Dela Eden told Skylan that if he followed the river to its source, they would eventually reach the Khilat Mountains, the ancient home of the Stormlords.

“No one lives there now,” said Dela Eden. “But it is still sacred to the wizards.”

Skylan cast a glance at the storm clouds that were now much closer, where the Stormlords were presumably now living. No storms raged at the moment, but trailing fingers of mist brushed over the land beneath.

“Where is this city of the other kingdom?” Skylan asked. He couldn’t remember the strange-sounding name. “The Kingdom Below.”

“There is no city. Nothing but a few villages and farms where the Stormlords of the Kingdom Below grow the crops that sustain their people in the Kingdom Above.”

“Perhaps we could talk to the Stormlords living there,” said Skylan.

“The villages are located far inland. And if the Stormlords warned my people to flee, you may be certain their own people have long since sought safety in the Kingdom Above,” said Dela Eden.

The dragonships sailed past the promontory and Skylan looked on rolling hills with broad swards of grassland where sheep and cattle could graze, orchards thick with fruit, and vast stretches of golden wheat that rippled with the wind like ocean waves. He mentally compared this land to the rock-strewn ground the Vindrasi struggled to farm.

“You see why the wizards would not want to give this up,” said Dela Eden.

“I see why I would fight for it,” said Skylan grimly. “Where is Oran from here?”

“Oran’s borders lie well to the north. The land of the fae is said to be on the other side of the Khilat Mountains.”

“I trust we will stay well clear of the fae,” Skylan said.

“The fae will stay clear of us,” said Dela Eden, grinning. “They do not like those they call the ‘Uglies,’ which is why I find it odd that a fae child has chosen to be with you.


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