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How to Get Sh*t Done by Erin Falconer

How to Get Sh*t Done by Erin Falconer

Author:Erin Falconer
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: North Star Way

The evening I just described worked out fine, but that’s not the point. The point is this never should have happened in the first place. Sure, I’m a decent cook—it was a big part of what I did at LEAF. And that’s the point. Cooking was work to me. Just because I could do it and was good at it didn’t mean I was obliged to do it for fun. I am certainly no Ina Garten. Cooking isn’t my life. I love food, and cooking is a great way to get to that food. But it’s not the only way.

On top of that, I didn’t need to be at Whole Foods at peak hours, shopping for a crazy long list of items. I didn’t need to be in that parking lot, fighting my way out. If I was going to cook, I could have easily Instacarted the order and avoided all the chaos—allowing more time for myself.

Finally, because of my need to impress and do it all, I forgot the real reason we were getting together in the first place—to forge new relationships. And in my attempt to do everything perfectly, I had overlooked a very fundamental aspect of any good dinner party: the people. Even if I hadn’t had this colossal fail, when I look back on it, except for the forty-five minutes where I was being praised, I was totally stressed out and miserable. I had forgotten me, the most important person there. In preparation for the dinner party and for 80 percent of the evening, I had suffered, beaten myself up, exhausted myself (even more than I already was), stressed myself out, and for what? I realized that the best time that evening was when we all snacked on pizza and drank wine and had a good laugh. I was relaxed, not pulled in a million directions, and could enjoy our company. And of course, as soon as I relaxed, our guests could, too.

The following morning, I vowed to start outsourcing what I didn’t really need, because trying to do it all was (a) counterproductive and (b) ultimately very unfulfilling. If doing it all means you’re not enjoying yourself or the experiences you’re having, there truly is no point.


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