Still (2014)
Still Alice (2014)

Photograph the Face by Jeff Smith

Photograph the Face by Jeff Smith

Author:Jeff Smith [Smith, Jeff]
Language: eng
Format: epub
ISBN: 9781608956883
Publisher: Amherst Media

Pairing a Halo main light with a softbox on the floor for fill gives me great results for a variety of session types.

Flash Fill. You could use flash to fill the shadow, but I find that’s actually overly complicated in a lot of cases. Because the amount of fill light needed for each person will vary depending on their skin color, their facial structure, and the color of their hair and clothing, using flash for fill can become a bit of a guessing game. This is why I use a reflector for fill much of the time. I say “much of the time,” because with a group of twenty people, I need the power of flash to fill all that space—but, once again, in a group of twenty people the lighting is less critical than in a single-subject image with a larger facial size. I also use flash fill for my more glamorous portrait setups, as seen above.


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