Ultimate Power by Stephen Frey

Ultimate Power by Stephen Frey

Author:Stephen Frey [Frey, Stephen]
Language: eng
Format: epub
ISBN: 9781503954083
Publisher: Thomas & Mercer
Published: 2018-02-13T08:00:00+00:00

New Orleans, Louisiana

“Officer Huey Breaux has absolutely no knowledge of anything that happened to Kelvin James on the night in question. I cannot say that more emphatically or with more conviction. Our investigation concludes that Officer Breaux had nothing to do with this terrible tragedy. Our investigation indicates that someone else murdered Mr. James. At this time we are diligently following up on all leads. We will use all department assets available to find and successfully prosecute Mr. James’s killer.”

Despite the oppressive heat and humidity of the delta morning, the New Orleans police chief wore his dress uniform—replete with stars on the shoulders of his black coat—as he stood behind the dais that had been quickly erected in front of city hall for him to address the worldwide media blitz. The chief was flanked by two lieutenants who also wore their dress uniforms and hats—and who were also visibly perspiring . . . and not just from the temperature.

Conspicuously absent from the news conference were the mayor and members of the city council—all of whom were black.

Officer Breaux stood off to one side, hands clasped before him, eyes glued to the ground.

“The New Orleans police force supports Officer Breaux one hundred percent,” the chief continued in his scratchy Creole accent. “He will return to active duty as of this morning. We appreciate his patience as we carried out our investigation.”

The all-black protesters amassed behind the media line hissed and booed loudly at the announcement.

“Justice for Kelvin!” someone shouted.

“Police brutality must stop!” another screamed.

Five hundred protesters stood behind the assembled media, which included reporters from as far away as Japan and Moscow. But none of these activists were from TARC. These weren’t Riot Actors. These were all locals, mostly from area church congregations. Organized by Paul to take over the fight from TARC long before the Kelvin James shooting had actually occurred. The three hundred Riot Actors were all on their way back to Richmond on their four freedom buses—except for Talia and Bones, who were standing on a far corner, ready to run in case they were recognized. They’d flown down late last night without telling Paul. They’d been told what was about to happen, and they wanted to see it. They had to see it.

“Officer Breaux is not guilty of this heinous act,” the chief proclaimed loudly. “There is no doubt as to his innocence.”

“What about the revolver with his fingerprints all over it?” someone shouted from the crowd. “The gun you just got, man.”

Talia grabbed Bones’s arm as everyone’s eyes shot to the person in the crowd who had just shouted out—including all of the cops behind the dais.

“It’s registered to him personally,” the man bellowed in a voice that carried as much electricity as a bolt of lightning. “It’s not his service weapon, either. He owns this gun personally. And the bullet that killed Kelvin James was shot from this gun. Ballistic tests prove it.”

“They really did have it,” Talia whispered, awestruck. “Chalice was telling the truth.”

“How do you respond to that accusation, Chief?” a CNN reporter demanded from just below the dais.


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