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Unknown - LA Kirk by LA Kirk

Unknown - LA Kirk by LA Kirk

Author:LA Kirk [Kirk, LA]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Covey Publishing, LLC
Published: 0101-01-01T00:00:00+00:00


About an hour later, chuckles echo from several of the guys. I lean over to peek at Lucca’s essay, but he covers his paper with his arm.

“Cheater!” Lucca yells at me in Italian and nudges me away.

I end up falling into Parker who just pushes me back against Lucca. Lucca nudges me again, and I go back and forth between the two a few times before I suddenly lean back. Unprepared, the boys end up knocking their heads together.

I giggle at both of them. “You should always be prepared.” While they’re still rubbing their heads, I jump up and grab Lucca’s paper.

Lucca leaps to his feet and chases me around the table. “Hey! Give that back to me. I’m not done yet.”

“I want to know what you were laughing about. That and I’m ready for a break. Who uses a pen and paper anymore?” I jump over a bench to try to get away, but he’s too fast. He grabs me from behind and hauls me up over his shoulder.

“You’re in trouble, now. How did you prepare for this scenario?” He laughs at me and walks toward the water.

“Lucca! You wouldn’t.” I drum my fists on his ass in panic. The paper crumples in my fist. “I’m still holding your paper! You’ll have to start again!”

“I don’t mind a pen and paper. Starting over won’t bother me.” Undeterred, Lucca keeps walking. “What are you going to do when you’re wet for the next several hours?”

At this point, we’re dangerously close to the water. I look up and see the other boys with their arms crossed, laughing at us. I didn’t even think to ask them for help.

“I’ll make sure you get wet, too. You just won’t know how I plan on doing it,” I threaten, knowing the only way to get him wet would be to hug him or sit on his lap. I’m good with both those possibilities.

As he steps up to the water’s edge, he changes his hold to cradled me in his arms. I can’t kick my way out of this. I’ll definitely end up in the water that way. He shifts, and I think he'll drop me, but he turns around and walks back up to the picnic table.

“Gotcha!” He winks at me as he puts me back on my feet. “If I were willing to hold Mindy in my arms, I’d throw her in the water, but I’m too nice to do that to you.”

“Yeah, right! I know you were just worried about your paper. Here you go, by the way.” I hand him back his essay as a form of truce, but I won’t forget about this. I just need to be sneaky about my revenge.

“What are you grinning at, missy?” Parker’s eyebrow rises. Maybe he can read minds. We’re all special in some way. Nah, that only happens in comics.

“Nothing.” I smile as sweetly as I can at him. I’ll make him sweat, too. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I put my hand on his chest and look up at him.


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